Training for your Works Council

Directors and works councils that work well together and value each other are an enrichment for an organization. For the employees and for the company as a whole. The common interest is the starting point of the training and guidance that The Sunmaker offers to the Works Council as well as to directors, administrators and external secretaries

WoCo basics training

RFA, RFC, Consultative meeting, the Works Council Act or the WOR? What are the rights and obligations of a Works Council in the Netherlands? We'll tell you everything you want (and should) know!

Cooperation with the WoCo Director 

"Works council members are actually affordable consultants!" said a Director during one of our training sessions. How do you get your Director to see you that way too?

WoCo advanced class

Mergers, acquisitions, reorganization or relocation? We have seen it all. We no longer shy away from an abbreviation such as COR, GOR, DOR, TOR, BOR, OC or MR. How about you?